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AGI SmeSpire Awards

AGI Award

In late 2013 Linknode were delighted to receive the SmeSpire “INSPIRE for SMEs” AGI Award.

The award is designed to reward and encourage SMEs in the Geographic Information sphere for engaging with and taking advantage of INSPIRE implementation.  Linknode’s production of the VentusAR app solution is dependent on elevation and mapping data published by the Ordnance Survey of Great Britain as part of OpenData and INSPIRE directives.

The presentation was due at the AGI Awards in London on 5 December.  However the start of the winter storms in the UK (and a hapless van driver on the Forth Road Bridge) led to travel chaos and missed flights from Scotland to London.

Cameron Easton and Martin Ford from GiStandards returned to Scotland with the award to enable the completion of the formalities in Glasgow.

SmeSpire AGI Award
SmeSpire AGI Award – Cameron Easton, Crispin Hoult

Picture Credit: Ken Reid (