Introducing the Transmission Tower Model

As part of the VentusAR 4.0 release, we have included a brand new feature for visualising transmission towers.

This new  capability allows the towers to be assessed in all visualisation modes – My View, FlyThrough and Gallery. In this post we will introduce you to the new transmission tower model we are using for our visualisations. It is is customisable with different colours and lit with realistic lighting as with all our models.

We also added a new solar panel model which will was covered in a previous post.


This video shows the transmission towers in FlyThrough mode. This is an overview tool to explain what the area around a transmission project would look like.

You’ll notice that all the towers here are the same model. We understand that according to different considerations, there are different types of transmission towers required, and we are working with partners to create more models: for example tangent suspension tower and angle tower (or tension towers). Multiple tower models can be loaded into VentusAR to give an accurate representation of the development.

My View

This video shows the transmission towers in the My View mode. This allows the visualisation to be generated from a particular position. The video initially shows the map of the tower locations, and then loads the visualisation in a wireline mode. This represents what you would see if you were standing in that location. If you were actually there, you could switch on the camera mode and see what the towers would look like in the landscape.

If you have any models of transmission towers you would like demonstrated within VentusAR, please feel free to contact us.

Custom Models

The technology behind VentusAR is very flexible so we can load in any 3D models into our visualisation modes. The addition of Solar and Transmission models in VentusAR are the first steps in the journey towards loading any type of model into the VentusAR visualisation modes.

If you are working on a project where showing a custom 3D model in an augmented reality camera feed would help, get in contact by emailing