Photomontage pack – Still visualisations for printing and submission

A photomontage pack is a set of static images that show the development. These can be wrapped in PDFs with the metadata visible or as images for embedding in your our templates / presentations.

You provide the images or one of our photographers can visit site and capture photos.

You tell us the viewpoint and we load all the data into our systems, then create the required panorama images as required. The available options for different types of panorama that can be created are:

  • Baseline 90°
  • Wireline 90°
  • Baseline 53.5°
  • Wireline 53.5°
  • Photomontage 53.5°
  • Photomontage 29°

These sizes all follow the SNH guidelines for visulisation production. However our visualisations have been produced using Highland Council guidance too.

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