True View Visuals

Introducing TrueViewVisuals – the new visualisation service from Linknode

We can help you visualise anything, anywhere

Linknode are experts in real-world 3D visualisation – giving you new ways to communicate your projects to clients and the public.

Our visualisations are unique and different from static exhibition boards or gamified CGI renderings – making the visuals both realistic and trustworthy leading to better community engagement.

Following our work with the Future Cities Catapult on the #FutureOfPlanning project we are excited to introduce the world’s first on-site visualisation service for planning and design;


Our planning consultancy work comes from 6-years of mobile visual impact assessment software across renewables, housing, grid and architecture/BIM which has been used on hundreds of projects across the UK by planners, developers and landscape architects.

Where there is the opportunity to engage within the real-world – to provide context and relevance to design – we excel.

Seeing is Believing

We deliver services with live on-site visuals or recorded media. This is not isolated virtual reality, this is dynamic mixed-reality and output.  Naturally realistic, always up-to-date and without the need to re-digitise the world, giving cost-effective visualisations solutions across project life-cycles from scoping, through design review to planning engagement.

Our services include;


Real-time videos showing the impact of the development project, with various ways of capture, our videomontages are ideal for community and public engagement.  Read more on our website

Hesta Head Showreel from Linknode Ltd on Vimeo.

Onsite Visualisation:

Meeting with you and your stakeholders in the field to provide a collaborative onsite augmented reality experience. Read more on our website



A set of static images showing the development before it’s built. These all follow the SNH guidelines for visual production. Read more on our website


To find out more about how we can help you produce photomontage or videomontage visualisations for planning get in touch