VentusAR 5.5 Released

Today we released VentusAR v5.5 into the app stores.

The release includes new features, bug fixes and performance improvements across Wind, Grid, Solar and Building domains.

iPad: Video Playback Functionality in Gallery

To allow us to support our upcoming video montage functionality, the VentusAR gallery can now store videos. Videos can be recorded on any camera and imported into the gallery.

iPad: Terrain service Extents shown on project details map

To help understand where custom terrain services cover, an outline has been added to the apple maps. This helps you to understand where the terrain data is loaded and what area it covers. This applies to custom terrain services and derived terrain services.


Portal: Terrain Service grouping

A mechanism to group terrain services and derive terrain data from many terrain service has been added. When a terrain service is added to a project, it can be added to a group. This allows terrain data to be loaded from multiple terrain services into one group.


If you have any queries regarding these new features, or you would like to chat further about how VentusAR can help you with your visualisations, please give us a call on 0141 374 2741 or email hello@ventusar.com