Feature Spotlight, Release Notes, True View Visuals

New Features October 2017

This month we changed the way we do software releases to ensure that we can deliver updated features quickly. We have changed the way that we are responsive to ensure that there is no more waiting for 2 months from when a feature is complete to when we deliver it to our customers.

In this post we’re going to cover a few of the things we released in October 2017. You can see our full release notes on the release page.

Field of View Fine Tuning

To allow us to manage any photography source (not just a DSLR camera with 50mm lens) we have added a “fine-tuner” to account for variation in Field of View between cameras. These controls allow us to fit the terrain wireline to the photograph.  Unlike other photomontage solutions, we always treat the full image as a primary source of evidence.  We don’t crop, trim or straighten the source image to ensure a traceable, repeatable, digital lineage to the visualisations we produce – we always fit the wireline to the source image.

To make use of this tool, expand the calibration panel and used the field of view tools at the bottom of the panel. There are controls to increase or decrease the horizontal and vertical Field of View.

  • Vertical Field of View – the vertical size of the image (in degrees)
  • Horizontal Field of View – the horizontal size of the image (in degrees)
  • Aspect ratio – the horizontal FOV divided by the vertical FOV

The aspect ratio is automatically calculated from the horizontal and vertical values. Once the FOV has been set, the save calibration button saves it for next time. The reset button reloads the last saved value.


Original Photo: 27.3° by 40.1°
Powerlines overlaid on top of photography – towers not in quite the right place
Field of Views corrected to 26.21° by 38.49° – towers align correctly

These new features allow all users of our software to correct for differences in camera geometry to ensure that the wirelines match the photography.

Higher Resolution Wireline

We have also increased the resolution of the 90 degree wireline when created in the app. A new switch has been added to the settings page to allow this new functionality. If the 5 part panorama wirelines (large files)  option is selected via the user control then this feature will be enabled.

Now when the Wireline90 button is pressed in the render tab in the gallery, 5 renders will be created and stitched together (before this would create 3 renders and stitch them together).

This gives a wireline 90 that is 19749 x 2734 pixels. This is 60% more pixels to represent the 90degrees and allows a Wireline90 to be printed at 600dpi on a sheet of A3.

Example of high resolution wireline 90