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TrueViewVisuals: What’s New Spring 2018

Its been a while since we wrote about the new features we have been rolling out in our software. We thought we would pick out a few to highlight. The full release notes are available on the release notes page.

Fly Through – Location and Viewpoints

A location dot has been added to the Fly Through to show the current device location (from the devices GPS). It is shown as an animated blue dot with an accuracy indication around it. In the example below – the device is in our office in Glasgow – we show the current location as a blue dot and the 65m accuracy as a semi transparent dot around it. If you have relocated, the dot is shown as orange instead of blue.

Viewpoint labels can be turned on in Fly Through to show where the viewpoints are on the map and terrain model. This is controlled in the right hand menu. Screenshot of the Fly Through identifying the turbines and viewpoints of a project we have been working on in Orkney.

Mapping – OS and Aerial Photography

We’ve added Aerial Photography and OS Mapping to the portal maps. It is controlled with the drop down above the map. There are now three options:

  • Open Street Map (default)
  • Aerial Photography
  • Ordnance Survey (either 1:50000 or 1:25000 depending on zoom level). This is only available for British projects.

Gallery – Next Previous Buttons

New buttons have been added to the bottom of the full screen gallery control to allow a quick way to move from photo to photo in the gallery. It loads the new photography and metadata and creates the new photomontage without having to go back to the gallery grid and reopen the next image. This works for all photos at a viewpoint.

90° Photomontages

The portal has been updated to be able to create 90° photomontages. These take 5 renders and produce a photomontage that is 90° by 14.2° cylindrically projected. The workflow to create a 90° photomontage is:

  • Create a viewpoint in the TrueViewVisuals portal
  • Upload 5 base images to that viewpoint (taken with a DSLR camera with 50mm lens at 20° intervals)
  • Sync to the iPad and calibrate each image
  • Generate a render for each image
  • Sync back to portal

  • Expand the viewpoint in the media tab and choose Generate Photomontage 90
  • Choose the 5 renders to use and choose Generate Photomontage 90
  • This can take a while to generate, feel free to do something else while it is running. Once it has been created, the photomontage 90 will be stored in the media tab under the viewpoint.

Plenty of more features are planning for Summer 2018. Give us a bell  (0141 374 2741) or shoot us an email (hello@trueviewuvisuals.com) if you would like to hear more about how TrueViewVisuals software could help create visualisations to illustrate your project.