Feature Spotlight, Solar

Designing Solar Panels

Recently we’ve done a bit of work to improve the solar panel designer and we thought now would be a good time to go into a bit more detail.

Setup the Solar Panel Banks

The TrueViewVisuals portal has some new functionality added that allows users to see what the panel will look like as they design it. It provides a preview on the right of the screen to show what the panel bank will look like. The following options can be changed:

  • Orientation – Portrait or Landscape
  • Type – currently only Single Sided, this will be extended in the future
  • Width and Depth (number of panels wider and deep)
  • Number of legs to use
  • Face angle

This defines a single solar panel bank. The next step is to create a layout and place the solar panel banks in the real world.

Design in the portal

Once you’ve created a solar panel bank, it is time to place it in your project. This is done by creating a layout and adding the centre points of the solar panels to create the layout. Here we have placed approx 500 solar panel banks on a south facing hillside in Ireland.

Preview in the app

Once set up correctly the project will be visible in the iPad Fly Through. This is a useful tool for understanding the project and how it fits into the landscape. It shows a 3D model of the terrain with the solar farm placed on top it.

Take photos, generate photomontages

Once set up, the iPad can be taken onsite. A live preview is shown to help understand the extents of the project. Photomontage’s are generated within a few seconds, and because it is a digital system, all metadata is recorded automatically.

Find out more

If you would like to find out more about how TrueViewVisuals software could help you understand and communicate the size and scale of a solar farm, give us a shout: hello@trueviewvisuals.com