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Team Spotlight – Stewart Fullerton

Next up for our Team Spotlight is another of our software engineers –  Stewart Fullerton. Who are you? I am Stewart Fullerton What is your role at Linknode and how long have you been working here? I’ve been working as a Mobile Development Engineer at Linknode for nearly 4 years. I specialise in building Android

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UrbanPlanAR Call to Action – We Need Your Data!

This week we launched our new UrbanPlanAR website, where we have stated a ‘Call to Action’ to possible partners and users. UrbanPlanAR is a Linknode R&D project in collaboration with Heriot-Watt University School of Energy, Geoscience, Infrastructure and Society, and funded by Innovate UK, and will deliver an augmented reality solution for visualising proposed urban

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Last week, as a company we had a hack day. Everyone (well all the developers) stopped their normal work and had two days to see what they could produce. The Brief Produce an immersive Augemented or Virtual Reality experience. The Prizes A bluetooth wireless speaker A  mini drone Pie Face (the kids game with skooshy

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The Tech Expo: Augmented Reality

This week was the augmented reality show as part of  The Tech Expo show in London. I went down to see a bit about what other people and companies are using augmented reality for. Here are some of my observations of the conference: Virtual Reality (VR) is going to be the next big thing, with

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VentusAR Customer Case Study: Green Cat Renewables

Green Cat Renewables improve quality and reduce time by assessing the visual impact of renewable projects using VentusAR Green Cat Renewables have been developing and building renewable projects in Scotland since 2005. Based across Scotland with a 70 strong dedicated team providing a flexible range of support services to renewable energy developers throughout entire projects,

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Mirroring an iPad to a Laptop

Over the last week, I’ve have done a few demo’s of our VentusAR product to a variety of different people. Quite often I end up doing these demo’s in places where there is no Wi-Fi, so I need some other way of connecting the iPad to a big screen. Sure, I could use a lightning

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Wind Farm Impacts Study Published

Yesterday (2 July 2015) the ClimateXChange group published the results from a 2-year study into wind farm planning documentation. Specifically the report was designed to determine whether the “visual [and other] impacts predicted by wind farm developers in documentation submitted with their planning applications are consistent with the impacts experienced once the wind farm is

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