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New SNH Visualisation Guidance Published (Lighting)

We were reminded today that the latest version of the SNH “Visual Representation of Wind Farms” came out of draft and was published last month (February 2017). Version 2.2 of the guidance is an iterative update following the major release update (v2.0) in summer 2014 and the v2.1 revisions in December the same year. A summary document

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Wind Farm Impacts Study Published

Yesterday (2 July 2015) the ClimateXChange group published the results from a 2-year study into wind farm planning documentation. Specifically the report was designed to determine whether the “visual [and other] impacts predicted by wind farm developers in documentation submitted with their planning applications are consistent with the impacts experienced once the wind farm is

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VentusAR v3.0 Released

We are delighted to announce that over the weekend, we released VentusAR v3.0 for Android and iPad (plus associated portal updates). This is a significant feature release. VentusAR now has the added ability to create PDF output from images to comply with SNH guidance. Proudly, we estimate that photomontages can be created in VentusAR in just two

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Research on Trust in Visual Presentation Media

Or “How does the media used to convey a planned onshore wind development affect the understanding and belief in the visual representation?” Background As is well known (in the UK at least) the visual impact assessment (VIA) component of the environmental statement is a critical component in planning for development, especially so in onshore wind. 

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SNH Compliant output, VentusAR

It’s On / Under the Horizon

We all know the earth is not flat (well, apart from members of the Flat Earth Society). Popular belief says that in the middle ages, sailors didn’t want to sail too far from their home port in case they fell off the edge of the world (though a quick bit of research on Wikipedia would

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