Our clever augmented reality (AR) technology makes the process of creating Augmented Reality experiences for the Architecture Engineering Construction industry. There are several components to our AR tools these are explained below.


Localisation is the name we give to the process of finding your location and look direction from what you can see. Visual features are extracted in real time from the camera feed and an algorithm is used to find the location and look direction that fits the visual features the best. We’ve spent along time making this fast enough to run on iPad Pro devices and provide an accuracy of +/-30cm.

This is similar to Google Visual Positioning System and Apples ARKit but optimised to work at longer viewing distances.

It has been developed with support from the experts at Heriot-Watt Watt University and innovation specialists at InnovateUK.


Geographical Information Systems (GIS) manage spatial data. They can load, manage and query based on location. This is a very efficient way of only loading relevant or nearby information. In the future (especially when Internet of Things – IoT becomes mainstream) lots of data will have spatial information tagged onto it.


Building Information Modelling / Management (BIM) is a 3D model based process to give AEC professionals the insight and tools to plan, design, construct and manage buildings and infrastructure. As more stages of building design are done using digital tools, there is an opportunity to mobilise that model earlier and to better communicate what the new development will look like earlier.

We have build an automated digital flow line that allows BIM models to be automatically extract visual components of the BIM model and delivered to the mobile device. The mobile device works offline and it allows you to view and explore the BIM model against a real world backdrop.

This is aligned with the government Level 3 Digital Built Britain (L3 DBB) program.

Where GIS meets BIM

When GIS and BIM is combined there is lots of potential to combine the value from spatial and BIM data. Our tools provide an easy way to use the realworld information stored in a GIS system with the BIM model created during design, planning and construction of a building

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