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Scottish Renewables 2013

Scottish Renewables 2013

The 2013 Scottish Renewables conference & exhibition was held at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre (EICC) this week. Linknode were exhibiting and presenting a preview of VentusAR.

Day Two – the Planning Conference – was of particular interest and the wind planning workshop was a very popular session. Kenneth Peterson of Gaia Wind discussed the continuing challenges for small developments in relation to planning legislation not having enough provision of understanding or differentiation in process compared to large developments. Local communities still have a one-size-fits-all image of wind developments and there is natural aversion: surely an opportunity for accessible visualisation tools. SNH were represented by Kenny Taylor who stressed the demands on quality of site-selection and application submission.
Of particular interest in the afternoon sessions were the presentations in the community engagement session. Henrik Skouboe of Bystrup talked about the challenges in in the development of new high-voltage transmission pylons in Denmark and the UK. Compact design as well as modern material capabilities will give a contemporary look and reduced visual impact.

Bystrup’s innovative T-Pylon design

Esther Black of Pagoda PR gave the most edifying discussion on trust in development and community engagement. References to the impact of approaches based on mutual understanding and not scientific persuasion for perception and influence from Patrick Devine-Wright gave new insight into the problems of communication that are elsewhere documented for public bodies such as The Scottish Community Development Centre have standards for community engagement. We will look more at the psychology of visualisation and trust in future blogs.
Finally, Congratulations to our prize draw winner from Green Cat Renewables who will be receiving the bottle of Highland Park from our stand.