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VentusAR Customer Case Study: Green Cat Renewables

Green Cat Renewables improve quality and reduce time by assessing the visual impact of renewable projects using VentusAR

Green Cat Renewables have been developing and building renewable projects in Scotland since 2005. Based across Scotland with a 70 strong dedicated team providing a flexible range of support services to renewable energy developers throughout entire projects, from site selection through to commissioning.

Green Cat need to quickly produce visuals whilst on-site to inform site design and viewpoint selection for their projects.  In addition, high quality visuals are required for assessment in three areas: landscape and visual, cultural and heritage and residential amenity.  Many projects are in remote locations so return visits for new layouts can increase development time and budgets.

The Solution

onshore150-e1438175454732In July 2014, Green Cat integrated VentusAR into their business for landscape and visual assessment.  Green Cat need to ensure quality photography is captured first time at multiple viewpoints. VentusAR helps to ensure there is no foreground clutter in the images and automatically records required metadata.  Back in the office, VentusAR is used to recreate photomontages as design layouts evolve – without the need to revisit the site.  For the first time, they have an effective way to create high quality photomontages for Residential Amenity Assessment and Culture & Heritage viewpoints. At all stages of the assessment process VentusAR helps communicate design and inform decisions made by Green Cat Renewables, their clients and Local Authorities they interact with.

solar150-e1438175420529During summer 2015, Green Cat increased their solar assessment workload. Existing tools did not provide a high enough quality output for solar visualisation. VentusAR was identified as a production tool for their solar projects. Linknode worked closely with Green Cat in order to add new functions to VentusAR and tailored these to meet specific requirements.  Green Cat determined the model dimensions and textures required for their solar visuals.  Green Cat and their clients are some of the first beneficiaries of the new capabilities that have been added to VentusAR. The solar visuals created have been used within planning submissions during 2015.


The solar domain has allowed us to produce visualisations from a single platform, instead of combining a number of graphics packages, significantly reducing the time taken to get the end product. The quality of the model has improved significantly following our input and fast follow-up from the Linknode team Rob Collin, Green Cat Renewables

The Benefits

VentusAR helps Green Cat to inform and communicate visual impact within their organisation and externally with clien­ts and Local Authorities.  The viability of Wind and Solar projects is assessed faster, enabling increased business. Accurate viewpoint selection lessens on-site time and removes the need for repeat site-visits. Furthermore, quality outputs from VentusAR can be used across the lifecycle of the planning process, including final submission.  Green Cat have also been able to go on-site and show planning committees exactly what the planned development will look like, from any location.

Green Cat Renewables have been integral to the design and growth of VentusAR, and have benefited by being able to assess projects faster.

Key Facts

Number of VentusAR licenses  2
Domain  Wind and Solar
Number of wind projects created  42
Number of solar projects created  18
Time saved during typical project  30%

You can view the full case study here

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