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I’ve Run Out of Space: Storage Management in VentusAR App

We’ve heard this one a few times in the last couple of months:

“Help, I’ve run out space and I can’t take any more photos with VentusAR.

One of the new features we released recently help you manage the space the gallery takes up on the device. Some of our customers were reporting that their devices were starting to fill up. Not everyone uses the iPad pro with its 128GB storage space. Some users are on the iPad Air 2 with 16GB or the Samsung tab pro with 32GB.

How much space am I using on an iPad?

The amount of space that VentusAR uses can be found from the settings app.

  • Open settings, then general tab,
  • Storage and iCloud usage section
  • Manage storage under the device section at the top.


On this iPad shown above, VentusAR is using 440MB. This includes all files stored in VentusAR: terrain data, map data, PDFs file, service cache, photos and metadata, render and output images.

What can I do about it?

VentusAR provides several options and tools to manage and shrink the gallery data stored on the device. However, all of these are destructive – you could easily end up clicking the wrong button and deleting data which there is no easy way to recover. I suggest you do a manual backup of the media first before undertaking any of the procedures described below.

Settings – Cleanup Deleted Media

The first thing to try is to remove media from projects that have been deleted on the portal. This will check the portal to find all the deleted projects and remove all media and other data associated with those projects. This can free up a fair amount of space if you have worked on a lot of projects that have been finished and are now deleted in the portal.

To Cleanup the Deleted Media:

  • Go to the About and Settings page (by clicking on the “i” logo in the top right of all pages).
  • From the Settings tab choose Cleanup Deleted Media (bottom of the page).
  • This is protected by a confirmation button so it will only delete the media if you say yes to remove all media for deleted projects on the iPad.


Project – clean up gallery

Secondly you can clean up the gallery for an individual project. This deletes the media files, but leaves the metadata in place for a single project. This will free up space for a single project and should be used once all the media has been synced to the server.

To clean up a project:

  • Select the project from the project list
  • Select Options (top right) and choose Clean up
  • This will ask for confirmation before doing anything, so say Yes to remove all the media for this project from this iPad.


Settings – clear gallery

Finally you can use the clear gallery function from the settings page to reset the gallery back to how it is when the app was first installed. This removes all media and gallery data for all projects that are stored on this device. Make sure you have a backup!
Use this functionality when you are sure you want to remove everything.

To reset back to a clean gallery:

  • Go to the About and Settings page (by clicking on the “i” logo in the top right of all pages).
  • From the Settings tab choose Clear Gallery (bottom of the page).
  • This will reset the gallery completely, so only do this if you are sure you want to remove all media from the app.