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Visualising Anaerobic Digestion Plants

As well as the usual renewables models we can help visualise – wind, solar etc.,  we have started looking at other types and shapes of models – including Anaerobic Digestion and storage plants.

The larger scale on-farm AD plants will of course have a impact on the landscape, and we can help design and visualise what they will look like to reduce visual impact. VentusAR can help aid visibility and assessment of AD plants, and we are working on adding colours and textures to create a more realistic visualisation.

The following images are an a example project and there are no planned projects in this area.

Anaerobic Digestion plant in Fly Through mode

Anaerobic Digestion A70 Maidenhill Wireline


Anaerobic Digestion A70 Maidenhill Photomontage

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