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Exploring through a 360 panoramic photograph

As a company, Linknode are always looking for new ways of presenting information that could help our customers.
Recently we have been trying out Google Cardboard as a way to present 360° photographs. As you’ll see below, these 360° photographs look good and work well, so today we are announcing the VentusAR Cardboard app: a way of display gallery images in a Google Cardboard.

What is a 360° Photograph?

A 360° photograph is a photograph that has a wide field of view – as the name suggests it has a field of view of 360°. Typically these photograph’s are stitched together using some form of panorama generator (we have one of those in the VentusAR portal).


 What is Google Cardboard?

Google Cardboard is a cardboard holder for your phone that shows a 3D virtual reality view. It is a cheap goggle based virtual reality system (compared to something like the HTC Vive or Occulus Rift). There are quite a lot of examples of Virtual Reality Apps that use Google cardboard to provide an immersive experience.  Here are a few of our favourite:

By using the internal sensors within your smart phone we know which direction you are facing. From that information, we can calculate what you could see and present it on the screen. This is the same technique we use in VentusAR to overlay the terrain on the camera feed.  It allows users to pan around gallery images using VentusAR Cardboard.

How will this Help?

This will allow our clients to experience a more engaging and interactive way of seeing the view from a viewpoint. Our research has shown that users trust digital presentation of media more than other presentation methods. VentusAR cardboard is another way of distributing photomontage information using modern technology.

If you were at a public engagement event for a project. The technology powering Google Cardboard can be used to provide a unique way of distributing viewpoint information direct to the public via their smart phone. It provides a controlled environment that members of the public can view photomontages on their smart phones.

How does it work?

The process is simple and is done under out VentusAR for Hire service. Linknode project managers will guide you through the process and ensure that everything works properly.

  • Start from DSLR photography
  • Create 360° panorama Using VentusAR
  • Setup in VentusAR Cardboard
  • View, distribute and provide a memorable way of doing public engagement


What are the results?

See for your self:

Find out more?

VentusAR Cardboard is available as a service that we can provide for developers or consultants needing to show how visible a development will be in the landscape. Traditionally this has been done by producing photomontages from specific viewpoints. These photomontages can be presented as 360° panoramic photos is VentusAR Cardboard. If you would like any more information or to book a demonstration, get in contact at hello@ventusar.com