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Reality or Augmented Reality?


We often talk about our “very clever 3D Augmented Reality tools” but what does this really mean? What is it we do?

TrueViewVisuals is an iPad based service and tools, that makes use of it’s sensors (GPS, accelerometer and compass) to produce visualisations of what a development project would look like – before it’s built.
The technology used to create these visualisations is called Augmented Reality.

Visualisations are created in real-time on-screen for instant understanding or can be captured as an image or video (i.e. what was seen on the screen at that time) or as a photo of the view and the associated metadata.

We can visualise anything, anywhere – wind, solar, grid, buildings, bridges, anything!

The video below was created using our tools – looks real doesn’t it? The landscape is real, the horses are real, the lighting is real, the wind turbines are animated and added by our software.

Wind Farm Videomontage from TrueViewVisuals on Vimeo.

Developers and consultants use us internally for effective scoping, feasibility assessment, rapid proofing and accurate viewpoint selection.

When used to show clients or the wider public, it provides an innovative way to communicate the size and scale of a project.

If you would like to see how TrueViewVisuals can help you visualise the impact of your developments, please feel free to call 0141 374 2741 or email