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Bonjour TVV

Last month we took a trip to Lyon to test and demonstrate our French coordinate system support and terrain data.

Lyon is the capital city in France’s Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region and third-largest city in France.  Much of the old town is a UNESCO site of Outstanding Universal Value with millennia of history.  This is complemented by the most excellent new transport systems that integrate with the airport, TGV trains, local railway station, suburban metro, local trams, trolley-busses and hire bikes, what a great example of urban regeneration and design.

TrueViewVisuals were there for other development work though and spent time with our hosts visiting a number of key locations for renewable energy projects.

With 75m DTM data available from the open data network we were very happy with the results and despite incredibly bright sunshine the iPad Pro delivered bright images and some fantastic photography and real-time screen capture video.  The results from the day were so good they were presented that evening at the local community meeting with the Mayor.  First time usage in France, innovation in visualisation and high quality and speed to deliver results were all praise well received for TrueViewVisuals.

We will update this with more news as the relationship develops.

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