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Live Online Vehicle Tracking Winter 2019 – 2020

Provide an online gritter tracker website for your fleet this winter!

Transport Scotland demonstrated the benefits of winter maintenance vehicle tracking in the winter of 2017/18. 

This year TrueViewVisuals, a TomTom Telematics Connect Partner, have created a service for local authorities.  The Ayrshire Roads Alliance (South and East Ayrshire) are the first to demonstrate the benefits of online tracking.  Current live vehicle locations and trails clearly show service provision and provide road treatment history maps are updated every minute. 

Recording of gritter movements in East and South Ayrshire

Why Track Gritters Online?

  • Engage better with informed decision making by citizens 
  • Communicate winter safety messages with evidence
  • Save help desk call time
  • Increase and improve out of hours service for roads
  • Improve citizen safety and reduce incidents

Why Host Externally vs. Your GIS Department?

  • No local infrastructure requirements or updates for service provision
  • Scalable architecture for reliable delivery of winter services 
  • Externally managed updates and maintenance 
  • Rapid delivery and deployment (Winter 2018/19 Service still available) 
  • 24/7 remote access and management without integration with corporate VPN and security

Why TrueViewVisuals Fleet Tracker?

  • Established integration with TomTom WebFleet Connect for immediate vehicle visualisation (TrueViewVisuals are a TomTom Telematics Connect Partner)
  • Geofence hidden locations such as movements within depots or service yards 
  • Fast, preconfigured OpenLayers mapping without requirements for Ordnance Survey mapping agreements 
  • Display friendly vehicle names (not registrations) 
  • Already mobile friendly; designed for phones & tablets as well as desktop web browsers 
  • Unique website name – 
  • Configure “Active Hours” to avoid dual-use or service contract vehicle location tracking 
  • Publish movements of maintenance and collection vehicles for citizen services or driver security
  • Weekly “Application Insights” reporting for service uptime, user numbers and logs   
  • Roadmap of updates coming Winter 2019

If you want to see your gritters live and online, contact us on 0141 374 2741 or email