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When was my road gritted?

Climate change means more uncertainty in winter conditions with extreme weather events more likely. Combined with pressures on budgets and encouragement of active travel means local authorities must continually adapt to meet these needs. In terms of winter maintenance, this means providing 24/7 online services at the point of need – citizen focussed allowing users to make informed and safe travel decisions. 

Many councils provide PDF maps of the priority routes that will be taken by their gritters, and some now even offer simple “dots-on-maps” vehicle locations but watching maps 24/7 to see if a gritter passes by is not a solution. 

Our gritter tracker solution allows the public to view not only the gritter’s live location, but also the previous gritted route, meaning the public can truly see gritted roads that are local and relevant them. 

One of the main grumbles from the general public is that they rarely see a gritter out and about. Many councils carry out winter maintenance duties throughout the night when we are all tucked up in bed. So, when we awake, it would be good to know where has been gritted, and when. 

Our gritter tracker history timeline enables the public to scroll back in time to see when gritting has occurred. This help gives the public confidence in their morning commute before even leaving the house. 

The Ayrshire Roads Alliance covering East and South Ayrshire, and Manchester City Council have both adopted this gritter tracker to allow their communities to have a greater understanding of the winter maintenance activities carried out.

“Our new Gritter Tracker allows residents to follow our winter maintenance vehicles during periods of severe weather. This is one of many improvements we introduced to engage with our local communities and ensures that they are at the heart of everything we do.”

Stewart Turner, Head of Roads: Ayrshire Roads Alliance

If a gritter tracker and grit bin finder solution are of interest, for this or next Winter, please do get in touch – email hello@trueviewvisuals.com or give us a call on 0141 3742741.