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Using Google StreetView as the Photography

Over the last week we have been asked about the StreetView integration into the TrueViewVisuals iPad software.

We thought we would give a quick recap on how you can use StreetView in our iPad app to create a visualisation of your development. We’ve written some details before on this blog post.

Let’s have a look at how we produce visualisations of some potential new turbines on the Campsie Hills north of Glasgow. Note: these are test turbines and are not likely to be built.

Preview on the Project Map

First of all, tap on the location you are interested in on the map. This will bring up the preview popup showing the view towards the centre of the project.

In the example below we have tapped on the A81 heading north from Glasgow – you can see the 3 turbines of the project on the top of the hill to the North.

Looking closely at the popup window you can see:

  • the location you tapped on will be shown as the orange dot
  • the view direction is shown by the blue cone.
  • the preview image showing the view from google StreetView service is shown
  • tapping on the preview image opens the full screen view and adds the project on top of the photograph
  • the left / right buttons changes the view by 10degrees in each direction
  • the red x button closes the preview to allow you to go back to the map behind.

Full Screen Street View

Tapping on the preview image will bring up a full screen view. The streetview photograph will be the background and the wireline shown on top. A view of this version is shown below.

A bit of calibration may be required to ensure that the red wireline from the terrain model sits on top of the photography properly.

Changing Direction

If you decide you want to look left or right from the current view, you can use the left / right buttons at the bottom of the screen to change the view by 10°.

Below are 3 views from 10° apart.

How does it help?

That’s going to save a huge amount of time generating our scoping reports

Landscape Architect, during recent demo

Using Google StreetView photography as part of your visualisation means you can quickly create visualisations in the office. There is no need to go on site and take photos. If you would like to know more about how TrueViewVisuals can help visualise your project, get in touch: