Online Gritter Tracking

Present an online gritter tracker service for citizens this winter

Our new Gritter Tracker solution is a complimentary bolt-on to existing GPS vehicle tracking and enables citizen access to your winter maintenance activities on the web, mobile, smart speaker and in-car.

Providing public information promotes awareness of activity and spend, justifying service investment as well as reducing call centre enquiries and delivering 24/7 public access.

TrueViewVisuals provide proven online mapping and gritter tracking solutions to improve public engagement, accountability and deliver innovative public services.

Many councils now provide simple “dots-on-maps” vehicle locations, but watching maps 24/7 to see if a gritter passes by is not a solution.

To deliver a leading solution requires a combination of experience, design and critically back-office scalability and performance.  These are essential for service delivery when it counts; when the next freezing winter puts demands on services both on the ground and in your digital communications.

Live access to winter maintenance vehicles:

  • Gritter activity route observing – with intuitive styles and design for as-driven gritting activity (not just vehicle locations or dots on maps – what people need to make safe and informed decisions)
  • History slider allowing review for gritter activity over-time for public service sharing
  • On/off toggle of priority gritting routes
  • Increases citizen engagement and safety

Public and community grit bin locations

  • ‘Find my nearest’ grit bin via map or address search
  • Allows user to instantly report an issue with relevant grit bins

New Alexa skill for instant communication

  • Enables instant gritter location results
  • OnDemand information – wherever you are! This adoption of household consumer technology provides information at the point of need and allows residents to receive local road treatment responses instantly

The Ayrshire Roads Alliance (South and East Ayrshire) have successfully demonstrated the benefits of local online gritter tracking, including a historical timeline and voice integration.

“Our new Gritter Tracker allows residents to follow our winter maintenance vehicles during periods of severe weather. This is one of many improvements we introduced to engage with our local communities and ensures that they are at the heart of everything we do.”

Stewart Turner, Head of Roads: Ayrshire Roads Alliance

Winter of 2019 / 2020 saw Manchester City Council launch their own online gritter tracker solution for roads and segregated cycleways, with integrated grit bin reporting and innovative Amazon Alexa skill to hear information about gritting in your area.

One of a number of recent improvements to Manchester’s Winter Services is the Alexa functionality along with our Gritter Tracker web-page.

These are both exciting and new features we have put in place to help residents engage with the service, and receive the latest important information regarding treatment of the Manchester Network

Matthew Turner, Highways Manager, Manchester City Council


The following document details the features and benefits of the solution, along with customisation options and back-office integration points for the solution.

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