Privacy Policy

We do not disclose personal information including names, addresses, login details, projects, renders or any other information to any third parties.

We do store contact details for support and management and within our secure CRM.

The TrueViewVisuals app authenticates users and allocates appropriate access via user login.  Use account details (registered email address and password) are securely verified with the portal to provide access (once a device is verified against an account, the next launch of the app does not require online access to ensure that it can be used when not connected to a web-enabled network).  It uses the local file system on the device to cache project data for speed of access and offline use.  Captures, renders and associated metadata are also stored in local file storage until securely uploaded to the  portal.  Local project edits (modified versions) are also stored as local updates.

We utilises raygun for automated error reporting.  On application crashing, or internal exception management, a report of the details will be sent to our raygun account next time the device is on a web-enabled network and the app is launched.  Information sent to raygun is for error tracking and diagnosis only (device name and model, stack trace) and contains no per-company or project identification or private details.

Any modifications to this privacy statement will be put in place on this webpage, which is accessible at any point through this website.

If you have any questions about our Privacy statement, please email us at