Tools to visualise anything anywhere

We provide you with the tools needed to create your own fast and realistic visualisations

TrueViewVisuals is an iPad based tool to help you see what a project looks like before it’s built.
Developers and consultants use it internally for effective scoping, feasibility assessment, rapid proofing and accurate viewpoint selection. When used to show clients or the wider public, it provides an innovative way to communicate the size and scale of a project.


Our system is focused around four core domains to provide specific functionality for that domain. All come with the same web-based administration tool and a specific library of models to include in the landscape. All allow you to create photomontage, videomontage and view the project live, for effective scoping, feasibility assessment, rapid proofing and accurate viewpoint selection.


Our system has been delivering benefits for onshore projects since 2013 and includes complete LVIA flow line production, community engagement and SNH-compliant PDF output. For both onshore and offshore wind to compete in a price constrained market, projects need to be developed efficiently. Our tools help to reduce development time & risk for wind developers and landscape architects.


Visualising different buildings in the landscape can be costly and time-consuming. To effectively assess a buildings project, developers and landscape architects must be able to see and understand a 3D model within the landscape. Our tools can quickly and easily help you conduct onsite impact assessments and create visualisations of rural building and housing developments.


Solar projects often face technical visualisation challenges. Screening, scoping, photomontages and alternative designs can be quickly established and efficiently demonstrated in real-time for business benefit. As planning authorities request more in-depth visualisations for solar farms, our tools provide a quick, accurate and cost-effective means of producing representative visuals for planning applications.


Grid projects have long planning and engagement cycles that contain iterative development. Whilst optioneering, route selection proposals and consultation is a rigorous process, existing methods of engagement with communities and individuals can be detached from the real world. Our tools can be used throughout the whole corridor and route selection process, from identification assessment to stakeholder consultation and engagement.


There are three licensing options with a variety of add-ons available to tailor the package to suit your particular needs.

 * GB only. Contact us for details

Custom Modelling

We can support any 3D model. Although we have a library of standard model types, if a more detailed representation of a specific model is required, this can be converted into a specified format and is usable in any of our videomontage, photomontage and site visit services.

from £200 plus VAT for a simple non-animated model


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