About Hoolan Energy

Hoolan Energy is a Scottish-based renewable energy developer that specialises in tidal, wind, solar and energy storage developments.

In June 2016, True View Visuals were commissioned by Hoolan Energy to provide visualisations for pre-planning consultations on two Wind Farms on the Orkney Islands – Costa Head and Hesta Head.

The Costa Head development is for up to five turbines up to 125m to tip.  We used a model of Vestas V105 turbines, with 72.5m height to hub and 52.5m blade length for visualisations.  The Hesta Head development was for five Vesta V105 turbines with the same statistics as the Costa site.

Costa Head Fly Through with Aerial Photography

We provided two visualisation options for each event – a video show reel consisting of animated turbines displayed on viewpoint photography to demonstrate the extent of the project, and a bespoke piece of development work to allow instant visuals from any given postcode. This latter approach then used aerial photography as an overlay to allow quick and personalised views for attendees, allowing them to visualise the developments from any location such as their own properties or views of particular interest.

Costa Head VP13 A966 looking East

The events welcomed around 150 members of the local communities, local authority planning officers and members of the community council – all eager to understand more about the developments.

They were impressed with the level of information available to hand and could identify how the turbines would look from locations that matter to them.


The visualisations provided gave members of the public great quality and interactive viewpoints – the instant visuals from any given postcode were particularly well received.  Neither the show reel nor the instant visuals required internet connection and having David on hand to instantly respond to residents’ queries was helpful.  Would highly recommend and can see the benefit for future site visits in the field. 

Lizzie Foot, Director at Hoolan

 You can view both Costa and Hesta videos at the Hoolan Energy website –http://www.hoolanenergy.com/