LDA Design


About LDA Design

LDA Design are an independent creative consultancy helping clients to deliver places which work well and provides design and landscape-led planning services to developers, landowners, communities, universities and government. As planners, LDA Design take a positive approach to securing consent, optimising the opportunity to win support and are proud of their work for renewable energy schemes: small or large, they are all part of a low carbon future.

The Requirement

LDA Design needed a cost effective solution for producing visualisations for rapid site appraisal and design testing of renewable energy projects. In particular at early stage landscape feasibility work and in small projects where limited budgets precluded the production of large numbers of verifiable visualisations.

The Solution

Having seen the potential of the product in 2013, LDA Design have worked with Linknode to inform the development of the True View Visuals (TVV) tools. Initial use focussed on landscape feasibility studies as TVV allowed rapid visualisation production from a variety of locations.

Since then, VentusAR has been used to efficiently locate LVIA viewpoints with clear lines of sight, and in assessment scoping discussions with a range of consultees. TVV has also proved valuable in assessing potential impacts on residential visual amenity and settlements and providing supplementary visualisations to illustrate assessments.

True View Visuals helps the LDA Design team to deliver faster, better and more cost effective advice about wind farm design and visual impacts. Being able to ‘see’ a scheme from any location aids our feasibility studies.Mary Fisher, LDA Design

Product Development

LDA Design continue to be actively involved in the development of TVV. They contribute to the use of bespoke terrain data, the solar domain and performance and usability testing in the field.

LDA Design also collaborate with TVV in the production of bespoke development models for other forms of development to be used within the software. They have been actively involved with TVV on academic research exploring trust in the visual representation of wind farms.

The Benefits

LDA Design benefits from being able to rapidly evaluate projects early on in the development lifecycle and being able to clearly communicate information to clients and consultees. Additionally, a close working relationship with an engaged and responsive team at True View Visuals has allowed continued development of the product and exploration & development of new, valuable uses.