TVV iPad Users Guide


The TrueViewVisuals (TVV) iPad app allows users to view their projects previously set up in the TVV  portal. It can be used to create visualisations (wirelines, photo wirelines and photomontages) of what a wind, solar, grid or building project looks like. 

What is TVV?

TVV is a mobile tablet application with supporting data services and online administration tools to produce SNH compliant visualisations which show what a development project would look like if built as planned.

The main stages of the TVV system are:

  • Setup – Development projects can be set up and managed in the portal. Different options are available to configure the layouts, sizes, viewpoints and overlays.
  • Visualise – A project can be loaded onto the device for using the development site. When used in the field, Augmented Reality visualisations are generated using the device’s sensors. These are accurate, superimposed photo-wireline created using the project data loaded from the portal.
  • Capture – These visualisations can be captured on the device either as photos and metadata (to allow re-editing & animation) or screen grabs (still-view of the screen) to record the visualisations.
  • Share – The visualisations can be shared directly from the device or stored to save a revisit to the site if the project layout changes.
TVV stages

iPad overview

The iPad App loads its data from the portal. The iPad is associated with your organisation so you will only be able to see data that is associated with your organisation. Communication with the portal uses industry-standard encryption so your data is safe within TVV.

The app makes use of the sensors (GPS, accelerometer and compass) found in mobile and tablet devices to produce visualisations of what a wind generation project would look like if it was built as planned. The technology used to create these visualisations is called Augmented Reality.

Once the visualisation has been created, it can be captured as an image (i.e. what was seen on the screen at that time) or as a photo of the view and the associated metadata. This view and metadata can used to re-render the visualisation at a later date with the same layout or new layout if it changes.

The rest of this document describes the use of the iPad app to find the projects of interest then create different types of visualisations for that project. This document focuses on the use of the app on the device and doesn’t cover setting projects up on the portal website.

The TVV Portal User Guide can be found here