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Feature Spotlight: Reloading Altitudes

We thought we would take a few features of VentusAR and provide some detail on how they work and what they can be used for. The first feature we would like to cover is reloading altitudes of your objects for display.

If you are setting up a project quickly, Terrain50 is available for you to lookup altitudes of the turbines, viewpoints etc. During the lifetime of the project, you may add more detailed terrain data to provide a more detailed model of the land. You can use the reload altitude feature to overwrite the altitude from one terrain service with that of a another.

Reload Icon

In VentusAR v1.7 we have added a reload icon next to all the altitudes (Turbines, Viewpoints and Reference Structures. The blue reload icon has a tool tip to show more information about the source of the altitude data. Hover over the blue icon to show the tool tip.

Reload Icon and tooltip

Setup project using Terrain 50 data

All new projects in VentusAR use Terrain50 as the default terrain service. There are a number of reasons behind this, not least we have national coverage of terrain 50 so you can set up a project anywhere using terrain 50 data. You can see the source of this information in the popup by hovering over the blue arrow next to the altitude.

Turbine Altitude - Terrain50

Reload the altitude

If you change the terrain services associated with a project reloading the altitude will use the new terrain service available for that project. The in the example below, the terrain service is reloaded using Panorama instead of Terrain50.
Turbine Altitude - Panorama

If you set up your project pre-version 1.7, the terrain source is classified as unknown as we did not have any way of recording if it was from Terrain50, Panorama or another terrain service.

Real World Use

The real world use for this feature is to:

  • Set up a project quickly using the Terrain50 dataset
  • Import a custom dataset to give a more detailed altitude
  • Reload the altitude and the portal will use the more detailed terrain service to give a more detailed altitude

If you want more information about Reloading Altitude or to load a custom terrain dataset, please get in touch via hello@ventusar.com