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Instagram Style Effects on Photos in VentusAR

As part of our testing process leading up to a release, we always take all the devices out on-site and check that everything lines up correctly. This time, this included the new iPad Air 2 that we are going to start supporting from version 2.1 onwards. I was out yesterday at Craigengelt hill in Stirlingshire. back in the office today, I noticed a slightly weird effect on all the photos I had taken:

Misty Photo of Craigengelt Hill
Misty Photo of Craigengelt Hill

The vignetting effect was added automatically without me doing anything. Further investigation in the office, suggests that it is being caused by the Wallee case slightly obscuring the lens on the iPad Air 2.

IPad Air case, doesn’t quite fit the iPad Air 2

In fairness, we are using the Wallee case for the iPad Air on an iPad Air 2 – seeing as the device is thinner and a different shape, I’m not surprised the case doesn’t fit perfectly.

Its a nice effect, but not one to keep using – we just need our supplier to get some shipped to us – from Australia !!!