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New Transmission Models

Today we are making our new outline transmission models available, and users of our transmission domain will have access to all these models.

These models have been created using engineering diagrams from SSE so represent real-world towers. They are outline models (i.e they show the outline of the tower not the details of the lattice towers) as at the moment we are showing visibility and shape, not detail.



We have models for the following towers: L4, L7, L8 and SSE400 and a wood pole model. The model and the texture are stored separately – so the grey colour we have used can be changed if required. Below we have a look at each model in a bit more detail.

Wood Pole

WoodPoleThe trident wood pole is used on 132kV circuits. This model uses colour and texture to show the wood and the structure at the top


  • Height: 13.2m or 16m
  • Voltage: 132kV

L4 Tower

L4The L4 tower is a steel lattice tower. It is used for 132kV lines. All our steel lattice tower models have a grey colour, this is configurable per model, but having a standard grey follows the recommendations.


  • Height: 26.5m
  • Width at Base: 5.4m
  • Width of widest cross arm: 13.6m
  • Construction Thickness: 0.2m
  • Voltage: 132kV

L7 Tower


  • Height: 28.1m
  • Width at base: 8.4m
  • Width of widest cross arm: 12.6m
  • Thickness: 0.3m
  • Voltage: 132kV

L8 Tower


  • Height: 48.2m
  • Width at base: 10.8m
  • Width of widest cross arm: 26m
  • Thickness: 0.3m
  • Voltage: 275Kv

SSE 400 Tower


  • Height: 50.6m
  • Width at base: 13m
  • Width of widest cross arm: 32m
  • Thickness: 0.2m
  • Voltage: 400Kv


Usage in VentusAR

These models are available to VentusAR customers who have the transmission domain on their account. In the settings section there should be the five models (at the bottom of the page)  and 5 tower types corresponding to these types. These tower types can be added to a layout version in the portal and become visible on the 3D screens in the app.

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 16.45.48

Once set up in VentusAR these models can be shown in My View, Fly Through or Gallery.

Wireline PhotoMOntage

PDFs can be created in the portal for easy sharing.

pdficon_large Dumrossie Wood pole and substation

Custom Transmission Models in VentusAR

We understand that sometimes our standard models won’t do. Some transmission and distribution lines require custom towers for any number of reasons: extra tall towers to go over certain topography etc. If your project requires a customised model or needs a substation or other infrastructure, get in touch ( and we can talk about how easy it is to display 3D models in the landscape using VentusAR.