Video Montage for Wind Developments

onshore150-e1438175454732If a picture speaks a thousand words, then a video shows a thousand pictures.

Wind energy developers are always asked the same question…..

“What will it look like?” 

Typically they answer by creating a wireline image and photomontage. A lot of research has been done to find the best parameters and technical ways to present a photomontage. However, photomontages cannot represent one of the fundamental impacts of a wind farm – turbines move.

Turbine blades rotate in the wind, turbines rotate to face the oncoming wind, the light moves across the turbine creating different effects and naturally animated features such as animals, leaves and grass appear in views. These dynamic factors mean the visual effect of a wind farm is better communicated through video.

Introducing the Video Montage

A video montage (videomontage) is one of the outputs possible with VentusAR. It is high-definition video recorded directly from the iPad. It can be based on either a gallery image (static background image with animated turbines) or a live in-situ view (live camera feed with animated turbines). Both have their place.

The video above is of the proposed Harburnhead wind farm. We used photographs in the VentusAR gallery and recorded the screen display to create this output. It shows the movement of the turbine blades – they can be controlled to show different rotation speeds and directions, while maintaining all the metadata of when and where the video was taken.

To find out more about VentusAR video montages and how they can help you understand and communicate a wind turbine or wind farm project at scoping, feasibility or planning, please get in touch through