How Building is Going Digital

Today, I saw an article on the BBC news site about how the building business is going digital. I want to pick up on a few key points that are made in this article and to highlight how UrbanPlanAR can be used either as a design tool or a communication tool to show what project will look like. If you haven’t read the article it’s available on the BBC website


1. Visualise and Explore the Development

The first question our clients ask is ‘what will the development look like?’

Virtual Reality is good way of showing the development in situ. To quote the article:

Architects and construction companies have been able to “look around” computerised 3D models of their buildings for some time. But now they can actually feel what it’s like to be right inside by wearing virtual reality (VR) headsets and getting a 360-degree view.

It is expensive and time consuming to create a fully detailed VR model. We have taken the virtual reality concepts a step further and can show what the development will look like in the real world. We add to the real world which gives a much more realistic experience. Taking the tablet on site to see how visible the project will be from any location.

2. Reduce Errors

The project team can collaborate in real time. This kind of approach helps save its clients up to 40% of billable time, because errors – inadequate lighting or awkward placing of support columns, for example – can be spotted before construction begins.

One of the key benefits of UrbanPlanAR as a design tool, is that it helps members of the team to visualise and see everything. It takes a heads-down 2D map or plan and turns it into a heads up view from a particular location. This makes it easier to spot problems early in the process, saving time and costly snagging.

About UrbanPlanAR

upar_black_redUrbanPlanAR is our latest visualisation project. It is designed to fit into the BIM flowline and make it easy to visualise the project based on the BIM model. We know where the tablet is and which direction it is looking and use that to show the model in the camera feed. This results in an accurate and engaging way of presenting a project.

For more information about UrbanPlanAR, visit www.urbanplanar.com or email hello@urbanplanar.com.

At the moment we are calling for partners to help define the last six months of development work funded by Innovate UK.