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Welkom bij Rom3D (Welcome to Rom3D)

Following the release of VentusAR version 5.2, which has enabled support for the Dutch co-ordinate system, we travelled to the Netherlands to welcome the team at Rom3D – a high end visualisation company – as the first international client of VentusAR.

ROM3D logo

Rom3D have their own software that creates a virtual reality model of the developments and is used through various stages of the Dutch planning process. By purchasing VentusAR, Rom3D are now able to provide a solution that will allow them to design within their own tool and communicate final visualisations with VentusAR.

The first 2 days of their 3-day training course were spent with the team going through our standard training procedures. We covered the process of creating and then visualising their projects in the field. Luckily their office is based in a rural farm, so we could quickly and easily create wind and solar projects nearby and view the infield visualisations without having to venture too far from the office.

The final day Rom3D organised a customer engagement event, aimed at speaking with renewable developers from throughout the country. The aim was to showcase the different technologies that were available for planning and communication. As well as showing the capabilities of VentusAR using the projects we had set up the days before, they had demo projects for their own software and a demo of a web viewer project which in time would incorporate VentusAR visualisations.  They also had a HTC Vive headset with an interactive design tool allowing solar and wind projects to be created in a virtual environment.


The event was a success with the developers offering keen and positive feedback on VentusAR, particularly for use in Residential Amenity and Community Engagement events. The ability of Rom3D to offer a full design to visualisation service was also of interest as it allows developers to be involved and have control over all stages of the development whilst only working with the one solution provider.

We look forward to working with Rom3D to enhance their visualisation capabilities further and to grow their customer base within the Netherlands.