Release Notes, TrueViewVisuals

Introducing the Solar Panel Bank Configurator

In the most recent release of our software we introduced the Solar Panel Bank configurator. This makes the job of creating and visualising solar panels quicker and more flexible.

3D Models

3D models are now visible in the portal. This makes use of a tool called THREE.js to load the 3D model and display it in the browser. The 3D view is live and explorable use the mouse to navigate around it. All 3D models that have a source type are visible in the edit pages in the portal.

Standard Leg model
Standard footer model

Solar Panel Banks

We’ve added a Solar Panel Bank as a way of joining a series of legs and panels together. This provides the flexibility to accurately model the solar panel bank configuration that will be used in your solar development. The left side of the page provides a series of configuration options while the right provides a live preview of what the panel bank will look like.

For example a panel bank would be 6 panels wide by 3 panels deep with 2 legs wide and 2 legs deep.

Create Solar Panel Bank

The following configuration options are available:

  • Name – Keep track of the models by giving them a sensible name
  • Colour – Helps identify types of solar panel on a map
  • Optimized Model – Which 3D model to use as an optimized model. To help with performance when modelling very large solar farms (80 hectares plus) the optimized model allows us to increase performance. Get in touch to find out how it works.
  • Panels to use – The 3D model to use for the panel surface. By default we have setup a single option called Standard Panel 1.5m by 1m with the standard blue surface. This allows other types of panel to be added that look different.
  • Orientation – currently we support Landscape, but will add more options in the future
  • Type – currently we support Single Sided, but will support more options in the future
  • Width – the number of panels wide
  • Depth – the number of panels deep
  • Legs to use – which 3D model to use for the legs
  • Number of legs – the number of legs wide by deep
  • Panel Bank (degrees) – the angle of the panel face in degrees. 0 is parallel to the ground, -90 is perpendicular

Solar Panel Bank configurations are stored the settings menu.

List of Solar Panel Banks

Use in a Project

Once you have a few solar panel banks sets up, you add them to your project using  the standard layout versions that are already possible in the portal.


Shown in the TrueViewVisuals App

These models created in the Solar Panel Bank configuration section in the portal are visible in all the 3D modes of App. They will be drawn at the correct place, have lighting effects applied, be hidden by the land and be used to create into panoramas.

3 panels banks shown in Fly Through: one wide, one shallow and one using the optimized model

These features add flexibility to the layout of the solar panels. They allow a more accurate model of what the landscape will look like one the solar farm has been built. To find out more or to arrange a demo contact


  • Existing projects solar projects will have been migrated using the optimized model as they were previously set up.