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VentusAR 4.0 is Released

This morning we released the latest version of VentusAR v4.0. This release brings the ability to use VentusAR to quickly visualise ground-mounted solar farms and transmission towers.

We are particularly excited about being able to visualise solar arrays as we have seen a lot of expansion in the renewables industry into solar planning & development.


solar150-e1438175420529VentusAR now includes two default solar panel models. These 3D models have textures to make them look photo-realistic and have dimensions of 9m x 4m x 2.6m and 18m x 4m x 2.6m. They have a slope of 25 degrees and face south. We have been using these in trials with existing clients – here’s what they had to say about it.

“We have been trialling the Solar Ventus model for about 8 weeks, so far we have submitted 3 projects into planning utilising the app to produce the visualisations. The app has allowed us to produce visualisations from a single platform, instead of combining a number of graphics packages, significantly reducing the time taken to get the end product. The quality of the model has improved significantly following input from GCR and fast follow up from the Linknode Team.” Rob Collin, Green Cat Renewables

“It is a brilliant and useful piece of kit. We have used it on a number of projects to indicate visibility from a range of viewpoints. We will be using it as part of our consultations to help members of the public visualise our solar parks. It has also helped in our design process, letting us recognise and minimise visual effects”  Ben Checkley, Good Energy


New Solar Panels Modelled by VentusAR



With the expansion from wind turbines, we have also introduced the ability to assess the landscape visual impact of transmission towers. The process of creating a transmission visualisation is the same simple process that VentusAR for wind and solar users follow. A 3D model is placed at a coordinate, then the visualisation models allow viewing in My View, Fly Through and Gallery.


onshore150-e1438175454732As always we are constantly adding performance improvements to VentusAR for the benifit of all our customers. This time we have addresses a series of minor issues and customer driven efficiencies.

See the full release notes for portal, iPad and Android at

Bespoke Models

It doesnt stop there! The technology that we use to generate these visualisations is easy to reuse. We are currently trialling a few other rural structures in VentusAR  – please feel free to get in touch if you want to try out any other models for your projects.

Pricing Changes

All our existing customers will automatically have their license upgraded to visualise the new Solar and Transmission domains for free.

New VentusAR customers will get one domain (Wind, Solar or Transmission) as part of the initial subscription with additional domains available for purchase. See the pricing page for full details.