Solar, VentusAR

Introducing the Solar Model

As part of the VentusAR 4.0 release, we have included a few new standard models. In this post we will introduce you to the new solar panel model. We also added a new transmission model which will be covered in a future post.

This is our new 9m wide solar panel model. It has the following dimensions:

  • Width – 9m
  • Depth – 4m
  • Height (shortest height) – 0.6m
  • Height (tallest height) – 2.6m
  • Angle – 25degrees
  • Legs – 3
  • Leg thickness – 0.12m
  • Face – South


This model makes use of UV Mapped textures. UV Mapped textures are a way of separating the texture (colours and surface look) from the 3D model structure. The benefit of doing this is that the texture can be changed and loaded independently from the model. If you decide a different colour solar surface would look better if it didnt have the grid on it. Or if the legs of the model were painted a different shade of grey to blend in with the environment better, then a new texture can be loaded into VentusAR and the models will update. Textures must have dimensions of the power of 2 – the smaller the size the faster the 3D view will run.

UV Texture with Grid on Solar Face and Detail on Legs
Standard Texture in Action
UV Texture with No Grid and No Solid Structure
Simplier Texture in Action

To download the standard solar model texture, click here.


We have tried a solar farm with 2000 panel banks and the performance is good on the iPad Air 2. This has provided acceptable performance for all the solar projects that we have tried VentusAR on. (Note the iPad Air 2 is the most powerful device we support so if you are using one of the older devices, please get in contact as we have some tricks to speed up the process.)

Custom Models

The technology behind VentusAR is very flexible so we can load in any 3D models into our visualisation modes. The addition of Solar and Transmission models in VentusAR are the first steps in the journey towards loading any type of model into the VentusAR visualisation modes.

If you are working on a project where showing a custom 3D model in an augmented reality camera feed would help, get in contact by emailing