Grid, Planning, True View Visuals

Using Fly Through to show a Grid project

We’ve been using our tools to help our clients visualise Overhead line projects.

We made a video of a Fly Through of one of our projects which we thought we’d share.

Fly Through Video

This project uses L6 Transmission Towers, OS Terrain 5 terrain data and the same technology we use to provide our Videomontage from the Drone technology.

90Degree Wirelines

To aid assessment we produced 90degree wirelines from key viewpoints. These are high resolution wireline images to show how visible the project will be.


Visualise Anything Anywhere

Please feel free to get in touch if you would like to visualise anything in the real world.

We can help communicate the scale and impact of your project quickly – these visuals took less than an hour to produce. Email us at or call 0141 374 2741