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Advanced Forming Technologies in Architecture Conference

This week, George presented at Advanced Forming Conference at University of Strathclyde.  It was an interesting conference put on by Advanced Forming Research Centre (AFRC) covering some of the topics around engineering and manufacturing in the Built Environment. Here are a couple of highlights about the day.


The morning started with an overview of Industry 4.0 (the term given to the 4th industrial revolution) by Michael Ward. He had some interesting observations around the possibilities brought about from visualisation and augmentation using BIM data.

Then Prof David Phillip covered Outcome Based Development Built Environment at AECOM. His comments around using AR for improving outcomes with in communication – AR can help people who don’t understand a project see how it looks and what it can do. He also saw the most value was about taking data, arranging and sorting it, then presenting it in a visual way. This is best represented using lego.

To round the morning off  George ran through our presentation on Mobile BIM visualisation using Occlusion Aware Augmented Reality. This was well received and plenty of questions and discussion.

Pasted Graphic 2

Overall it was an interesting day to meet with academics and industry and hear about what other people are doing with BIM data and augmentation to allow for better communication.