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Staff Spotlight – Rufus Mall

Our latest team spotlight is our iOS guru, senior software engineer, Rufus Mall. Who are you and what is your role at Linknode? My name is Rufus Mall. I’ve been working as a Software Engineer at Linknode for around three and a half years now. The main skills I use of at Linknode are Graphics Programming and

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Team Spotlight – Stewart Fullerton

Next up for our Team Spotlight is another of our software engineers –  Stewart Fullerton. Who are you? I am Stewart Fullerton What is your role at Linknode and how long have you been working here? I’ve been working as a Mobile Development Engineer at Linknode for nearly 4 years. I specialise in building Android

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Last week, as a company we had a hack day. Everyone (well all the developers) stopped their normal work and had two days to see what they could produce. The Brief Produce an immersive Augemented or Virtual Reality experience. The Prizes A bluetooth wireless speaker A  mini drone Pie Face (the kids game with skooshy

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Sensor Fusion: Rolling your own

Last time, I wrote about sensors and sensor fusion. Over the last couple of years at Linknode, we’ve gained considerable practical experience with the sensors that are built into modern tablets. This blog post is a fairly technical explanation of some of that knowledge and understanding, and why we ended up doing what we did

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Your Phone has Attitude!

Sorry, this post isn’t about your phone or tablets bad attitude and the way it doesn’t let you do what you want. Instead, this post is about how we at TrueViewVisuals use the sensors built into your device to understand the direction it is orientated to and how that can be used to do interesting

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